Physics DPP for JEE Mains & Advanced : Set 03

When it comes to keeping yourself ever updated with JEE preparation, nothing proves more efficient than solving DPPs (Daily Practice Papers) on a regular basis. However even today it is hard to find DPPs online for free. Keeping this in view and on demand of students JEE PHYSICS FOR YOU is going to make available a complete series of Physics DPPs covering the entire syllabus of JEE Mains & Advanced for free. Provided here is a set of 181 (90 + 91) practice papers divided under following major subsets for the sake of students' convenience.
Foundation (11th)Target (12th)

Set 1 (DPP-01 to 25)
Set 5 (DPP-01 to 25)

Set 2 (DPP-26 to 50)
Set 6 (DPP-26 to 50)

Set 3 (DPP-51 to 75)
Set 7 (DPP-51 to 75)

Set 4 (DPP-76 to 90)Set 8 (DPP-76 to 91)

The DPPs under foundation heading contains problems from the topics : Basic Maths, Mechanics, SHM & Waves, Heat & Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Elasticity. And those under the target section includes numericals majorly from the chapters : Electromagnetism, Modern Physics and Optics.

Answers to all numericals and hints to tougher ones are also provided in these study materials. This makes the DPPs more student-friendly.

So practice these and conquer JEE...

Physics DPPs for you : set 03


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