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The unit ''Kinematics'' is a significant topic of the physics syllabus of JEE Mains & Advanced and other  similar engineering entrance exams (like WBJEE). This is one of the very basic chapters whose sound understanding is required for the further understanding of mechanics and other portions of physics. Generally, you may not get much questions in exams directly from this topic but it finds numerous applications in almost every chapter of JEE physics syllabus. In order to have a proper and conceptual grasp over the subject, the first requisite is to follow quality study materials. As far as board exams' preparations are concerned, only the standard NCERT texts books are well-enough, sufficient and most reliable, however if you are preparing for competitive engineering entrances as well, you must follow some additional books and study materials too which strictly follow the syllabus of those entrances.

This page contains the PDF download link of study material on the chapter ''Kinematics" followed by the renowned JEE coaching institutes of Kota in their classroom programs. The package consists of brief and to the point theory discussion, a number of solved examples and then a set of unsolved problems of various types as practice exercises and also includes previous years asked problems in JEE Mains and Advanced.

Kinematics is the branch of classical physics which describes the motion of particles, bodies and system of bodies without taking into account the forces that cause them to move or accelerate. It is basically the geometry of motion. Kinematics is used to relate the parameters of motion displacement, velocity, speed, acceleration and time without reference to the cause of motion. The entire lesson of kinematics is divided into two sections. In the first section it is about the motion in a straight line i.e. the rectilinear motion. The second section is about motion of particles in two dimensional plane with main focus on the projectile motion. Some additional topics like the concepts of relative motion we also study in kinematics.

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To download the PDF of the module "Kinematics" simply click on the download link provided below. The soft copy consists of 96 pages and size of the pdf is 2.1 MB (approx.).


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