[PDF] Replica JEE Mains 16 Comprehensive Tests (Solutions Provided)

This post is meant for those who are preparing for JEE Mains and similar engineering entrances like WBJEE, OJEE, UKSEE etc. The best practice to prepare for any competitive examination is to solve mock tests on a regular basis. Aspirants should strictly follow this rule specially when there are only few months left of the examination.

Few Words that will help you

In order to achieve a decent all india rank (AIR) in JEE Mains and Advanced, one should start following a scientific strategy right from the early days of preparation. All the three subjects (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry) should be given equal importance. More emphasis should be given on basic concepts and their application in solving problems of wide varieties. Understanding is more important than remembering.

Follow only good quality study materials and books that contain the contents in right order, which has self-explanatory concepts in easy language with more emphasis on problem solving  and which cover the complete syllabus of JEE Mains & Advanced. The most relevant guide to follow is the previous 41 Years IIT-JEE + 17 Years JEE Mains/AIEEE Topicwise Questions. You must solve at least previous 10 years papers of the exam.

In the preliminary stage of preparation, learn the concepts deeply and thoroughly and after finishing each chapter/topic keep solving the corresponding daily practice problems (DPPs) of some good institute in parallel. Keep revising all the subjects. Once you complete the whole syllabus and find only few months left of the exam, start solving mock tests or better join a test series.

Replica JEE Mains 16 Comprehensive Tests

This page contains the PDF download link of the 'Replica JEE Mains 16 comprehensive tests'. It contains a collection of 16 mock test papers, designed by IITians Versus Learning. Each test paper has a set of 90 objective type questions divided in three sections - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Take theses tests seriously if you want to assess your preparation and perform well in upcoming JEE Mains.


You can view or download the PDF of "Replica JEE Mains 16 Comprehensive Tests" by simply clicking on the download link provided below. The PDF consists of 185 pages and size of the pdf is 50.7 MB (approx.).


To view or download the detailed solutions of Replica JEE Mains 16 Comprehensive Tests" click on the download link given below.



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