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The chapter ''Wave Optics'' is a significant topic of the physics syllabus of JEE Mains & Advanced and other engineering entrances. Moreover, it also forms a major part of the physics syllabus of 12th board exams. For a proper and conceptual understanding of the subject, the very first requisite is to follow quality study materials. As far as your board exams' preparations are concerned, the NCERT texts books are enough and reliable, however if you are preparing for competitive engineering entrances, you must go through some additional books and study materials as well which strictly follow the current syllabus of those entrances.

This page contains the PDF download link of the chapter ''Wave Optics" followed by the renowned coaching institutes of Kota. The package consists of brief and to the point theory discussion, good number of solved illustrations and then a set of unsolved problems of various types for practice and also includes previous years asked problems in JEE Mains and Advanced.

Wave Optics is one of the two major branches of Optics (the other being geometrical optics, also called ray optics). It is the subject which deals with the behavior of light and corresponding optical events when the size of obstacles which the light ray encounters becomes comparable to the wavelength of the incident light wave. In such cases, the ray approximation of geometrical optics no longer remains valid. Various optical phenomena like interference, diffraction, polarization of light etc., in which the wave nature of light becomes prominent, we study in wave optics.

Pdf download wave optics kota study materials

Topics Covered in the Module

The present physics module on the chapter Wave Optics has contents (theories and problems) on the following topics:

1Visible Light and its Properties
2Newton's Corpuscular theory of Light
3Wave theory of Light (Wavefronts & its types)
4Interference of Light
5Coherent and Incoherent Sources
6Constructive and Destructive Interference
7Youngs Double Slit Experiment
8Frensel's Biprism
9Interference due to thin films
10Applications of interference effect


You can view or download the PDF of the module "Wave Optics - Kota Study Material" by simply clicking on the download link given below. The soft copy has 47 pages and size of the pdf is 938 KB (approx.).

Download PDF (Wave Optics)


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