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Download Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov in PDF

Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov is undoubtedly an excellent book of physics numericals solving which requires a good amount of thinking and visualization skills along with crystal clear understanding of physics concepts. Many of its problems require you to be adept at applications of mathematical concepts like vectors, integration, differentiation, working in spherical, polar and cylindrical coordinate systems too. Some problems are lengthy involving the applications of multiple physics and mathematics concepts while some are just tricky. The book is really intended for those who are passionate about physics.

Now as far as the preparation of JEE aspect is concerned, you should note that many questions from Irodov are not in current JEE syllabus. Since JEE aspirants have limited amount of time for preparation and they have to prepare for all the three subjects as well so it is advisable to them to solve only those portions of Irodov which are under current JEE Advanced syllabus and leave the rest parts/problems which are not concerned with JEE.

Keeping the needs of JEE aspirants in view, we have prepared a list of the relevant problems from Irodov which is surely going to help them and save a lot of time. You can get the list by simply clicking here

Topics Covered in the Book

The Irodov Physics Book contains high difficulty level numerical problems on following six major topics.


Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics


Oscillations and Waves


Atomic and Nuclear Physics

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Direct Download Link

You can directly download the pdf of Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov by clicking the download link given below. The pdf size is 7.98 MB.

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